Thursday, 5 September 2013

'New York Flagship..'


I am fortunate to have many creative friends.. really clever ones, whose work, ideas and commitment still continues to surprise & excite me.  Bevan is one of these sorts, working as one half of the Creative Director team for atelier Anya Hindmarch.  I met him back in our old studio building, pre heating and reliable electricity.  After a few years freelancing as 'Before After', they (himself & his creative partner Matt) opted for a  proper job, kicking the perils of self employment to the kerb & swiftly settling in to their subsequent new role as Creative Directors.  Years later his perpetual enthusiasm and joy for his work never disappoints.  When he approached me to silkscreen forty odd miniature bag portraits for a subsequent store opening I almost didn't realise his vision.  On seeing the beautiful stills below of Anya Hindmarch's  American flagship Store in New York today, I wonder how my thoughts ever veered off.  Well done you!

Designed by interior architect  Ilse Crawford