Thursday, 28 February 2013

A few days away..

         My eyes are a little square, fingers ache from all the re-sizing but the end is in sight.. thankfully!

Thursday, 14 February 2013


My nephew gave me a run for my money this week, after joining me at the studio for half term.  I'd barely planted the idea of creating some drawings and the possible screening of them on to a Tshirt sometime this week.. and a stack of sketches lay before me.  By the afternoon we'd coated our screen and today he paraded his wares around the building.  Not bad for thirteen and a half .. Nice one Tobes, ; - )

Friday, 1 February 2013

Liverpool, John Moores University

  'Hand rendered type, Michael O'Shaughnessy'

Last week I left London to spend my days residing at Liverpool's John Moores University.  The Art & Design Academy is located slap bang next to the Metropolitan Cathedral, inspiration in itself housing John Piper's design for the largest stained glass window in the world.  Architecturally, the cathedral was designed by Frederick Gibberd.  Having won a global competition, construction commenced in 1962.  Gibberd was a presbyterian who took a simplistic, non-conformist approach.  On a sunny day around 3.30 - 4 o'clock, the central altar is illuminated by colour from fluorescent pinks through to deep purples.
Academically, my visit was curated by senior lecturer Mike O'Shaugnessey.  Teaming up with Stussy as our client, the second year students were set a bespoke print campaign project. With the students hammering out their ideas, I took the opportunity to have free reign of their rather fantastic print studio.  Next week I return for the students final presentations & to add the final few colours to my print.