Monday, 8 September 2014


Released October 7th, "Please Be With Me" by Galadrielle Allman, published by Random House..
above is the colour-way that got away.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

JC at the 'Morrison Hotel Gallery', September 18th.

The great Josh Cheuse & I have finally gotten round to doin' summat together. A continent apart didn't hinder our creative productivity.. but will stop me making the Preview.. Boooooooo ; ( 

Monday, 25 August 2014

"Ridicule is nothing to be scared of .. "

"Don't you ever, don't you ever.. Stop being dandy, showing me you're handsome.. "    
     Original photographs by Josh Cheuse / Collage by Kate Gibb, silkscreen print on paper.

Available from "Blisters" from September 12th & also here..

Friday, 22 August 2014

'Marco's Colour Bible.. '

This week I'm in the joyous position of having somebody else do the hard work for me, ; )  And it isn't just anyone.. I've admired the technical & creative prowess of Marco Lawrence from our first introduction at Print Club London last year.  Since then I've been fortunate enough to collaborate with him, through them, on three separate occasions.  Each subsequent time releases in me a higher technical appreciation & daring, ( I'm learning on the job yeah.. ) which I then somewhat phonetically relay to Marco.  Poor guy! Today he is translating my creative whimperings in to a Pop themed poster for their forthcoming 'Blisters' show.  I can't say what it is yet but it involves brassy gold, a magenta red through to deep blue fade & a whole lot of patience.. all will be revealed on September 12th at the 'Blisters Sound Sessions Show'.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Thursday, 31 July 2014

'Annie & Butch'

The outdoor screenings at Somerset House are here & I was invited back by Print Club London to contribute artwork for one of my all time favourite films, Annie Hall.  It was almost too perfect an opportunity.. and how to visually compress such epic'ness in just two colours?  Pah.  
Instead of going for the obvious route I dallied with for 'Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid' last summer, I chose a subtler approach.  With a plethora of quotes from which to pick, it was his comment on his childhood home that sealed the deal..

"My analyst says I exaggerate my childhood memories, but I swear I was brought up underneath the roller coaster in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn. Maybe that accounts for my personality, which is a little nervous, I think. You know, I have a hyperactive imagination. My mind tends to jump around a little, and uh I I I have some trouble between fantasy and reality. My father ran the bumper car concession. Th-there he is, and there I am. Right. I I used to get my aggression out through those cars all the time. I remember the staff at our public school. You know, we had a saying, uh but.. Those who can't do, teach and those who can't teach, teach gym."

Annie & Butch are available to purchase here..

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The 'Corita' effect..

The art class pictures of Francis Elizabeth Kent, aka Sister Corita & her fellow 'Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary', have always fascinated me.  Part of my pleasure is gleaned from their seemingly laid back attitude to printing in a visually formal environment, impeccably attired in their habits.  Such spirit resonates from these images.  They popped to mind regularly whilst enjoying the meandering nature of creativity & random conversation at last weekends 'photoshop by hand' workshops. They took place in the former board rooms of Yorkshire brewery Tetleys Head Quarters in Hunslet, Leeds, now home of contemporary gallery space, The Tetley.

And as Lydia Burgess commented.. who needs Photoshop...?!

Friday, 25 July 2014

'Photoshop by hand', The Tetley.

This weekend sees me travelling up the road to lurverly Leeds.  Firm faves Nousvous are the current artists in residence at The Tetley.  They've transformed the space in to a 'live' / work exhibition, taking their daily practice with them for you all to observe.  Ever the communicators of interactive, creative play for all, they've written a programme of performances & workshops which can be viewed here.

'Photoshop by Hand' is my sérigraphic contribution to their residence.  I will be exploring a technique called intercutting, where shapes are cut out of layered silkscreened prints, which are then swapped and re-fitted perfectly back into its new print.  Got it?  If not places are still available for Sundays workshop, bookings via here.