Thursday, 28 April 2011


This somewhat shattered little bird is a new print accompanying
a short story for the Spring edition of Granta magazine.

Monday, 25 April 2011


A chance encounter from a 'mutual appreciation' email gratefully led me back to Tokyo last Autumn. Whilst on this trip I was introduced to the Artist, Haroshi.
When I was given the opportunity to join the artist & his wife at their studio to view his work first hand.. I didn't waste anytime. 'Future Primitive' is Haroshi's debut show at Jonathan Levine Gallery, Manhatten. If you are local or simply in the vicinity, it's a must. You wont be disappointed.
Haroshi is a sculptor, he creates his pieces from discarded, broken skateboards ... it sounds simple but the level of craftsmanship is quite surreal and shouldn't be taken for granted. Each of his works has a hidden piece imbedded in its structure, kind of a soul to the work if you like. Each sculpture is accompanied by an X-ray, proof of the hidden object within.