Tuesday, 13 March 2012

'Josh Cheuse'

I was introduced to Josh Cheuese via my work with Stussy. I didn't know much about him but when i did, boy was I impressed. His back catalogue of photographs capturing many years spent hanging out & documenting 'The Clash', Joe Strummer, 'Run DMC', 'The Beastie Boys', 'The Specials' and Terry Hall to name a few, couldn't be more impressive. Currently working as Senior Art Director at SonyBMG New York, he still makes time to take pictures of bands and musicians. For a number of years we have tried many times to team up creatively together but some how, life has always gotten in the way. I popped in on Josh at the SonyBMG headquarters this time last year and we discussed possible sleeve artwork for a 'best of..' box set for Tony Bennett. Stoked to bits and very excited I returned to the studio with a bunch of old photographs and set to work. Once again the outcome never made the shops. But most importantly one day my collaboration with Mr Josh Cheuse will.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

'One Year On'

A year ago today Japan & its people were left devastated by the earthquake in Fukushima and subsequent tsunami. It breaks my heart to hear that grief for many people has not been fully realised whilst the bodies of their loved ones remain unrecovered. I've been lucky enough to visit Japan three times and hope to be there again this year. For me, the Japanese people make the country the special, positive, beautiful place that it is. Their resilience shown through the aftermath of this global catastrophe is nothing short of inspiring. At the same time my thoughts and condolences are with them all, today.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

The 'W' Project

Today is 'International Womens Day'. In its honour, Teo Connor & Lauren Platt have teamed up for the 2nd year of their annual event, The 'W' Project. Their aim to connect & inspire women working across the creative industries by inviting an exciting mix of female talent to contribute a creative response on a postcard to the question: what are your words of wisdom?
Following a recent visit to the British Library I felt a poster advertising the libraries exhibition spaces adorned with a quote from Polish physicist & Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie, most apt. 'Words of Wisdom' runs from tonight at the KK Outlet, 42 Hoxton Square, N1 6PB.