Thursday, 23 February 2012

New Balance

Tonight sees the launch of New Balances latest trainer collection for their Campaign, 'Lets Make Excellent Happen'. Its premise revolves around their continued use of traditional methods of craftsmanship in the production of its shoes, at their factory in Flimby. Up there they focus on function over fashion and follow grass routes initiatives. Hence them commissioning me to design & hand silkscreen the events invites.

My opportunity to bask in the smug glow that signalled the end of four solid days printing was unfortunately short lived on receiving news that I'd manage to omit the first word of their tag line. As described to me, its neglect was comparable to printing '___ Do It' on an advertisement for Nike. Fair play. Always keen to find a positive, its mending proved joyful when overprinting the missing verb in a transparent fluorescent pink. Its presence providing a vibrant lease of life to a previous monotone text. Just one more happy accident.

Friday, 17 February 2012

'Brighton University'

Last year I was invited by Paul Burgess (head of Illustration at Brighton University), to come in and give an informal lecture to his current students, view their work so on and so forth. I'd actually interviewed Paul myself for my 'A Level' Art project years back, after seeing a beautiful Textile hanging of his exhibited in our school library. Most serendipitous. He still works successfully as a commercial Artist and has a knack for collage that keeps him in high demand.

As awkward as it can feel to chat about working life, yesterday I felt relaxed for once enjoying the experience as a whole. The campus facilities were hugely impressive with various print-based studios, letterpress, book binding and even a performance art space. I wanted to give a realistic idea of whats it like to be a free lance illustrator, highs and lows, creative anecdotes and appropriate tips. What I hadn't expected was for it to be documented and re-presented to me afterwards in a cartoon strip format by Harley Ross, a second year student. The second drawing depicts my watery eyed relief on describing the joys of working with Art Directors who actually take the time to fully understand what you do.. small victory's.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My silkscreened Heart..

Half of Blackbough, proprietor Adam Withington has sent me his hand rendered vintage postcards for many auspicious occasions over the past decade and always in time for Christmas. My collection is growing so beautifully I never want it to end. One is hand embroidered.. another has part of its landscape punched clean away. Each is a small, perfect piece of art. Today I received a silkscreened heart.. what ever could be next? Happy Valentines Blackbough Dear, X

Saturday, 4 February 2012

'Living In Patterns', Pollyn - test print

The past week has seen me hand printing two hundred & fifty three-colour invites, for a sports brand launch at the Wapping Project in two weeks time. The outcome of which will be viewable here after the event. After days of silkscreen repetition, my brain numbed & I was at a loss for a post this week. But on rummaging through the plan chest to source paper stocks for the aforementioned, I found this.. A work in progress print for Pollyn on the exact stock I'd in mind for the invites. Bingo!