Sunday, 15 December 2013

'Wrapping up.. '

For a person who isn't overly festive I always enjoy the downward slope of the end of a year and the revelry that then ensues.  My enthusiasm lies as much within its numerical connotations as the celebratory ones.. the first day of the first month of a fresh year always feels strangely cathartic. (Naturally these numbers need to be digested with a few too many glasses of something.. )

Fellow artist Sophie Smallhorn surpassed herself once again with her Christmas card and a recently commissioned mobile piece for Fourth Floor salon. The card is a jarring pink & red composition which I couldn't wait to pop up, smack bang above the citrusy yellow cube print of a few years previous.  Enjoy her newly updated website here.

Above is a mountain refuge constructed from recycled materials, designed by Chilean architect Smiljan Radic. I'm not sure if its the daffodil yellow frame work encapsulating it's huge glass walls or the boxy almost formal windows along one side that delight me more.  Or just all that gorgeous yellow..  to inhabit a construction like this will be on my resolution list for many years to come for sure.

Monday, 2 December 2013

'Show Down'

It was a busy final day at Stourspace yesterday which left quite an impressive visitors list, with folk   travelling from as far Oxford.. !  James & I dismantled our wares this morning & bid our farewells with the agreement that 'Press&Pull 3' would happen sooner rather than in 2018, marking the 5 years that have passed since our original 'Press&Pull' Show.. #youheardithearfirst