Thursday, 26 January 2012

'The Plan'

'The Plan', one-off Silkscreen print, 210X297mm

Having used the same brand of silkscreen ink for ten plus years, I've still yet to come to terms with the fact that their production came to a swift halt two years ago. My denial has felt somewhat appropriate as since their demise became common knowledge, I have never felt so thrifty with its application. The final dregs of a handful of colours are kept for best, set aside for dream jobs & my own printmaking explorations. Meantime, I'm mentally conducting interviews and try-outs for its competitors. Rather frustratingly not much is coming close but a pick and mix of four contenders allowed me to create this new print above. Suddenly excited by its painterly qualities and varying opacities, maybe there's renewed hope after all.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

What's pink and stripy..

My fad for experimenting with gouache unintentionally wore thin and before I knew it I was back to being consumed by screens. I guess its all too familiar, yet still exciting so kind of inevitable. Especially when you've a few new fluorescent inks to add to the mix.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

'Giuseppe D’Innella'

Detail from 'Casa Cantoniera', Silkscreen on paper.

Serendipity is Peppes favourite word to explain his obsession with the practice of silkscreen in the later stage of his life. His former years saw him professionally as a banker and trade commissioner, living globally from Caracas to Milan, Tokyo to Sydney and finally Wimbledon. Throughout his working life he made time to paint and occasionally held exhibitions. Fast forward to 2008 when he entered my studio at our annual Open event. His eagerness to translate his years as a painter into explorations within Silkscreen was wonderful. I knew nothing of his work but we struck up a creative dialogue that led to a handful of sessions at my studio, honing Peppes skill as a printmaker and sharing a few of my trade secrets along the way. His first transition from paint to print became Uluru. Last week we met again and Peppe presented me with Casa Cantoniera, my favourite of his printed works. By boldly committing loose, gestural brush marks to screen and applying them with varying subtleties of colour and tone he simply makes bloody good prints(!). View more here and keep an open eye for new Screenprints premiering mid-May. Well done Peppe.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Just one more layer?

'Park', one-off Silkscreen print, 210X297mm

It's a constant creative battle to resist screening another layer of ink before it's too late and the magic becomes lost. Keeping going just to see isn't as easily remedied as punching the 'apple+z' keys in Photoshop. My unregimented and somewhat cackhanded approach to silkscreen leaves me with little memory of how a piece began or why and where it ended. I guess in the words of fellow printmaker James Brown, "this is where the Magic happens".