Tuesday, 28 July 2015


'ColoursMayVary'.. consider yourself warned, : )  I met Becky & Andy at a print workshop in Leeds a while back.  One beer in & we realised we had all spent part of our early years in the New town that still is Hemel Hempstead.  There in lay our bond.. well that & our love for graphic art, craft, independent publishing & most things printed.. !  Their shop is pretty special, its content considered and well thought out.  Their recent themed event 'Funland' is worth a visit whether in person or online.  Although it will have to be a virtual taste of the delicious 'Northern Bloc' ice cream if it is the latter.. ; (  

Photograph, Justin Slee ©

Edition of 16 / Size 297mm X 210mm / Colours/Layers 6
Silkscreen print on Archival board
Hand signed & numbered
£ 75  /  enquiries:  coloursmayvary@gmail.com

     Photograph, Justin Slee ©