Tuesday, 13 March 2012

'Josh Cheuse'

I was introduced to Josh Cheuese via my work with Stussy. I didn't know much about him but when i did, boy was I impressed. His back catalogue of photographs capturing many years spent hanging out & documenting 'The Clash', Joe Strummer, 'Run DMC', 'The Beastie Boys', 'The Specials' and Terry Hall to name a few, couldn't be more impressive. Currently working as Senior Art Director at SonyBMG New York, he still makes time to take pictures of bands and musicians. For a number of years we have tried many times to team up creatively together but some how, life has always gotten in the way. I popped in on Josh at the SonyBMG headquarters this time last year and we discussed possible sleeve artwork for a 'best of..' box set for Tony Bennett. Stoked to bits and very excited I returned to the studio with a bunch of old photographs and set to work. Once again the outcome never made the shops. But most importantly one day my collaboration with Mr Josh Cheuse will.