Friday, 20 April 2012

On a Reggae tip.

The above pattern was the beginning of a Reggae inspired textile collection for Stussy. With such a flavoursome title I was at a loss, (as usual), to know exactly how to begin. Picking up a chinagraph pencil with its sticky, scratchy quality made the possibilities of applying zig-zags, squiggles and dots to geometric shapes & logos feel endless.

This simple reggae-textile infused Stussy Logo has become a top seller.

My original foray into layering up hand drawn patterns on to images from Stussy's stock Library began a couple of years back with this dinosaur. Sadly he never made the t-shirt he was destined to adorn. Working in & overprinting my hand drawn patterns in to his scaly skin was a labour of love, transforming him sartorially. As well as being a massive learning curve for future pattern based collaborations with Stussy.