Friday, 16 September 2011

"Back 4 The Future"

My knowledge of films is somewhat appalling.. my childhood was definitely spent up a tree. The past few years have seen me play slow catch up, but then there's all the new releases to take in to account. Exhausting. When Nike asked me to contribute creatively to their 'Back4TheFuture' Charity Auction, there was an initial moment of panic. The aftermath is I've now seen Back To The Future II, twice. Nike, Original Film Creators & 'The Michael J. Fox Parkinson Foundation' have combined forces releasing a limited edition of 1500 pairs of the mythical Nike Mag trainers, worn originally and solely by Marty McFly himself. Sold exclusively through US Ebay, all proceeds go direct to Michael J Foxs Charity and his personal quest to find a cure for Parkinsons.

Four Artists reinterpreted the films original poster as part of the Charity Gala Evening in Los Angeles, all of which can be viewed here. However it doesn't end there.. keep an eye out for the Hover boards!