Wednesday, 11 August 2010

'Tokyo Graphic Passport'

I've begun to realise to my own annoyance, that personally I am a little full of contradictions. A prolific one is the fact that I'm terrified of public speaking, which shrinks me to the status of a twitching, plum faced, incoherent wreck of an artist. Unless that is, I'm invited out of the UK to perform..! Presto, then it all seems kind of bearable. Last year saw me in Sydney to be part of the 'Semi-Permanent' design conference. I loved it so much I stayed six weeks. Next month sees my return to Tokyo, this time to participate at their 'Tokyo Graphic Passport' . I've rarely felt so inspired by a city in such a short amount of time. My previous two visits left me eager to return at any available opportunity. I simply can't wait. Just don't mention the 'talk'... eurgh.