Thursday, 28 January 2010

'The Birds are back ..'

My bird prints are back in town, but this time they are one hundred percent hand silkscreened. Originally created for an in-house fashion brochure for Libertys back in the day, they were initially released as a low run Giclée print through my agents shop, Product of God. It always felt slightly incongruous to my work that I hadn't printed them myself. There was good reason for this... they are hugely time consuming to create! But in hindsight, most definitely worth it. They can be purchased online through my blog, or see them in the flesh at 'Elphicks', Columbia Road.

'Two Birds' / size - 372mm X 487mm / colours (layers) - 13 /
Edition - 6 / Price, £188.
Printed on 640gsm Archival Fabriano, Hot Pressed.

'One Bird' / size - 257mm X 365mm / colours (layers) - 10 / Printed on 640gsm Archival Fabriano, Hot Pressed. Edition - 12. Price, £118.
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